Mark Alan is an American photographer now residing in southern Spain. Having studied photography in Pasadena California, Mark immediately found his voice with a love for photographing people. Initially his focus was editorial, portrait, street and fashion photography, but it didn’t take long for him to discover his true passion, capturing the beauty of male form. Over the years he’s explored many avenues of photographing men from portraiture, editorial series, to moments of sensual intimacy. Never one to make Adonis like icons of his models, he prefers to present them as more approachable and who they really are as people.

Mark has communicated his creativity through many mediums including music, video, painting and writing, but has always come back to his camera as a main way of expressing himself. Having officially ‘retired’, now with the ability to travel and explore the world, he captures the places and men he encounters along the way with his lens. He continues to bring an editorial style to his nude work, but keeping a more relaxed and natural way of presenting his subjects.

Mark’s works have been published in magazines including: Yummy, Universo Masculino, DNA Magazine, NeoMen, Physique Pictoral, Blue and Photo & Video Numérique, displayed in group shows in New York, Los Angeles and most recently in Berlin, and featured in numerous online digital publications.

When he’s not behind the camera, Mark divides his time traveling, creating music, reading, volunteering for animal charities and enjoying a good Mai Tai at Tiki bar.

Currently Mark is working on many new photo series including one focused on male dancers captured spontaneously mid routine. He’s also developing a coffee table book which will showcase images from his series from The Male Muse. The project will include editorial portraits, partial, implied and artful erotic nudes.

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