Let's create some amazing art together!

I’m always excited to collaborate with my next male muse to create beautiful images together for each of our portfolios. I am also available for hire to help models work on or expand their modeling ports, or create artful or sexy photos for their personal use and online profiles!

As you can probably tell from my work I am not necessarily drawn to showcasing the perfectly sculpted Adonis bodies in my work. To me its more about what a handsome guy brings to the camera as a person and his willingness to create something amazing together. I do ask you to be fit and adventurous whether you are an experienced model or total newbie. The majority of the men in my portfolio are not professional models, and in fact many had never modeled before. I currently love focusing on guys with scruff, shaggy hair and tatts, but all looks are welcome.

If you are intrigued by what I do, and think you might have “the look,” drop me a message on my contact form with up to six photos of you. Keep in mind the majority of the men on my site are everyday guys looking to create something amazing together on camera. You just need to be over 18 or over for us to work together.

To get more of a feel for a shoot, or how to prep for a shoot, click on the [Shoot Details] link below.

Drop your files here or click here to upload You can upload up to 6 files.

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