The Shoot Day - What To Expect

Every shoot is different, which is one of the things I love about being a photographer. If you are hiring me for a project there will be advance conversation about what you are looking to accomplish which we will execute on the day you are on camera.

For my personal Male Muse series I really like the flow to be as organic as possible. The most exciting thing for me is to drop into a location without a lot of pre-planning and work on the fly. I find shooting in a model’s personal space to be interesting as it can lend some insight to the narrative of the images. Cool outdoor locations are always fun as well.

Collaboration is also really key for me. I’m definitely not one of those photographers that has to be 100% in control, so if you have ideas toss them my way!

My work leans towards editorial, trying to capture a natural and narrative snapshot of who the subject is as a person. During the nude portions of the shoot, my goal is to keep the nudity as natural as possible rather than putting emphasis on a guy’s junk. However, there are often times where a guy may get aroused by the experience. When that happens I’ll keep the camera going if the model consents. I love creating more erotic work too, but that decision is left to the model and what they are comfortable with expressing on camera.

scruffy young men

Preparing For the Shoot

I’ll more than likely discuss with you a few simple wardrobe options for the clothed portion of our shoot, other than that you don’t need to bring anything (aside from your government issued ID to show you are 18 or over). You’ll need to be prepared to sign a standard model release that day.

Considering I like everything to be as natural as possible, my preference is always for ungroomed body hair. This especially goes for pubes, as fully shaved junk is pretty dated now. Trimmed hair is fine, but the more natural the better is generally a good guideline. Don’t shave any part of your body the day before the shoot as razor burn or upset hair follicles are far worse that the original hair.

I love scruff and full beards, but a clean shaven face is also just as hot – it all works!

Avoid elastic on the day of the shoot – it can leave lines and creases on your skin that can take hours to fade. That includes socks, underwear and even ribbed tank tops – all are a bad idea leading up to a shoot. Flip-flops are a perfect footwear option. If we shoot you in briefs or a jockstrap, we’ll get those in at the end.

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