bastian karim the male muse jockstrap and sexy bubble butt

Bastian Karim Art Nude Photo Shoot in Barcelona

I had the pleasure of working with Bastian Karim during my recent trip to Barcelona. This was a dream photo shoot as I have been a big fan of Bastian’s and wanted to collab with him for a while. He and I had plenty of time in advance to chat about ideas, and he made it clear to me that he was really more interested in presenting himself in a more artistic way like what he had seen on my Instagram and here on my site. That was totally fine by me as I am always flexible on the direction of a shoot depending on what the model is comfortable with. Bastian had mentioned wanting more fashion based images for his Instagram to showcase himself to a more general market, so I had him bring some street wear and took him down the the street outside of my hotel to start off there. This gave us a chance to bond a little bit more and for me to find out more about him personally. Plus it’s always fun for me to exercise my fashion photographer skills from days gone by. After about half an hour outside we took it back to my room and captured this series of laid back black and white underwear shots. In the end he wound up being comfortable enough with me to capture some full nudes which can be seen at my JustForFans account at the link below!