I’m honored to announce that the Pan Art Gallery in Tel Aviv is now representing nine photographs of my early and recent works. The pieces are exclusively for sale through the gallery and conveniently available to purchase now in their online shop! VISIT HERE

Pan Homo Art Gallery is the first (and only) homosexual art gallery in the Middle East, based in Tel Aviv, and it’s sole purpose is to present, sell and spread-out contemporary gay art, and to bring forth the best gay artists to date, with an emphasis on male body art. Named after the famous faun, Pan Homo Art Gallery is the enterprise of Erez Bialer, and all works are collected and curated by him.

The works included in the my exhibition are showcased below. The black and whites represent what I was creating in my early days, taken in the late 90s and early 00s, exploring the male nude in both nature an a studio or other controlled environment. The color images represent some recent pieces of mine taken both in Los Angeles and Spain. The first “Good Morning Los Angeles” exploring exhibitionistic pride for the beauty of the male body displayed above the busy streets of Los Angeles. The second is called “Trio”. With this ongoing series I’m trying to remove the viewers primary focus from the male form and create new compositions with a secondary natural elements.