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Eduardo is One of My New Sexy Spanish Guys Making His Modeling Debut

Eduardo is one of my new sexy Spanish guys making his modeling debut on The Male Muse. We chatted for quite some time working out details of what we would capture and it took a couple months for our schedules to sync up. But we finally got together a little over a week ago. It was definitely worth the wait as this was a really fun collab producing so many great images. Even though Eduardo had never modeled before, and our communication was limited by my miserable Spanish, we managed to get our ideas across to one another without much trouble. He’s super creative on camera and has a natural instinct on how to model and present himself to the lens. Can’t wait to collab with him again. One of his limitations was no full nudes, which is always fine, but we did get some fun bare butt shots that I’ll be sharing in a later post.

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sexy Spanish guys bulges in briefs
sexy Spanish guys in briefs