twink playing with feet

Anonymous Grindr Guy Shows Off His College Boy Feet

Every once in a while a guy contacts me really wanting to get naked and show off on camera, but doesn’t want his face shown. A couple weeks ago I had a message on Grindr from such a guy, I’ll call him Anonymous V, a sexy college boy from Madrid visiting Málaga for the week. He admitted he was turned on by the idea of getting naked and doing some erotic images for the camera, and he said nearly anything goes for the shoot. However, he needed to be completely anonymous. To me this is always fine because that anonymity gives me the opportunity do explore the male body more intimately and get images for my body landscape series. He came by and was even cuter in person than his Grindr photos, and we got to chatting about what we wanted to create together and what his limits were for the shoot. To get him warmed up I had him strip down and do some simple poses on the sofa so I could focus my lens on those sexy college boy feet of his! These images were just the start of a really great collab as we moved all around the apartment documenting his sexy slim body along the way. If you’re a fan of college boy feet you’ll definitely love this kid’s for sure. Join one of my Fans accounts at the link below to enjoy his full nude gallery featuring all the amazing content we created together that day!

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